Our office remains indefinitely closed, but we wanted to reach out to you, our patients, with an update and some information about how you can reach us, and how we can still help, during these difficult times.

We would very much like to be able to provide you with even an approximate timeline for when we will resume operations, but the situation of the pandemic is so ever evolving that we honestly cannot venture a guess at this time.

Our first priority, far above everything else, has always been the safety and wellbeing of our patients and staff. Because of this, as we are sure you are already aware, we had instituted very strict screening procedures since the beginning of the year, before most authorities were even considering the current situation as a possible outcome.

While there had been no reported or suspected cases at all linked to our office, neither within our patient population nor within any of our staff members, and none of our personnel had any kind of connection with the COVID-19 situation at the Pacific Dental Conference, we were one of the first offices to decide to suspend our operations, because even the slightest risk to our patients and staff was not one we were willing to take. Due to the same belief, we promise you we will not be among the first wave to resume operations, while the situation might still be dangerous. We will only do so when all scientific evidence will prove that it is safe. Which is why we cannot give you any sort of definite timeline here, but we will be in constant contact and give you ample notice when that time comes.

That does not mean that we cannot still help though. We are still within easy reach via telephone (604-492-0807) or email ( We will respond to all your inquiries within the same day. Most dental situations can be, at least temporarily, managed via advice or the prescription of appropriate medications. In the few situations where that may not be sufficient, we can direct and refer you to the appropriate specially designated clinics, that are dealing with such emergencies during the pandemic.

We hope you all stay safe and healthy!

Drs. Anca and Dan Catona and the staff at Port Moody Station Dental